Donate Haiti Missions

Donate Haiti Missions

As most of you know Hurricane Matthew has been devastating. No country was hit as hard as Haiti where the entire country has been decimated.

HypeSites was asked if we could  help two Haitian missions, North Haiti Church of Christ and Church of New Generation of Haiti, by  creating a donation site to link their Facebook pages to for both online donations and physical donations of goods for shipment to Haiti.

First we researched domains and settled on Then we created a simple home page (shown above) allowing visitors to select their preferred mission. We then created a donation landing page for each mission.

Donation landing page for Church of New Generation for Haiti


One of the missions did not have a Facebook page so we created their page. We then created a “sticky” post for each mission than asks for help and links to the individual mission donation landing page. These posts will be boosted to try and reach a larger donation audience.

Facebook ad to link to donation landing page

Join us in our prayers for Haiti and for all of America’s southeastern coastal residents who were also affected by this powerful storm.