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West Palm Beach Artist Gets Beautiful E-Commerce Site

Tracy Guiteau is a talented West Palm Beach based artist. She is a painter, fashion designer, and photographer whose work is both stunning and playful.  As soon as we found out that she wanted to transform her existing website into something beautiful and fun like her designs, a rush of ideas popped into our minds.

An artist like Tracy who designs beautiful artwork deserves a beautiful and powerful website.

Our plan was to overhaul her site,, and make it not only a digital portfolio of her work, but also a platform for her to attract new clients and sell her work.

Her previous site was powered by Wix and was very limited in style and functionality. The homepage and navigation were outdated, and her color scheme was a bit bland. Not to mention, her artwork wasn’t prominently showcased, there was no e-commerce built in, and her blog had little organization.




From Wix to WordPress

First, we migrated her site from Wix to WordPress. Then we chose a custom theme to give her a unique site with all the functionality that she needed. Creating gallery pages, an online store, a top-notch blog, and a community page for other artists to engage with were priorities. We also wanted to make her site mobile responsive.

To kick off the design process, we revamped the homepage and navigation. Because Tracy’s name is also her brand, we knew we had to incorporate her logo in a big way. It made sense to incorporate it into her navigation menu and the hero section of her homepage.

Then we created gallery sections on her homepage as well as full gallery pages dedicated to her paintings and fashion designs.




WooCommerce All the Way!

It was very important that we create an online store for customers to buy artwork securely from her website. So we set up WooCommerce (an e-commerce platform) and secured an SSL certificate (advanced encryption technology) to achieve this goal.

Now Tracy is able to sell her artwork directly from her site instead of redirecting people to her Etsy page or handling online orders and transactions via email.

Next, we redesigned her blog and also set up a community page for her fellow art collectors. On top of all of that, we added social share buttons and numerous and engaging calls-to-action. This will help help build her social media base and email list, and ultimately to grow her business.

Please checkout her beautiful and responsive e-commerce site,, as well as all of her beautiful artwork!

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