Natural Nomad Farms Custom WordPress e-Commerce Site for Micro Greens Farm

The HypeSites team has completely transformed our website to exactly how we want it. We met with Chris beforehand and discussed what we wanted to accomplish when revamping our website, but also wanted to hear any constructive criticism about our (previous) web design. He was very honest with us and we could tell he was going to be a good person to work with. We are farmers, not tech guys, so it is hard for us to communicate what we want to do with a website when we don’t understand a lot of the terminology. With HypeSites, this was not a problem. The website buildout was very comprehensive and customized to our business, which is exactly what we needed. We look forward to continuing to do business with HypeSites to grow our online presence and marketing.

Natural Nomad Farms is a local grower of microgreens, edible flowers, heirloom and specialty produce. Microgreens are greens that are harvested in their first 1-2 weeks of growth. Flavors are incredibly intense and many restaurants now feature locally sourced produce.

The first time we met with Nick & Jason, the Natural Nomads, they loaded us up with samples of their most popular microgreens. My wife is a true chef who owned her own restaurant and even she was wowed by the freshness and flavors of the tender shoots. We created a flip box page of all featured microgreens. When the user hovers or clicks the image, it flips revealing a description of the selected microgreen.

Microgreen Page with Flipbox effects

Our mission was to help connect with consumer, retail outlets and restaurant chefs. Local chefs have been very receptive to the microgreens and post quite frequently on Instagram so we included the brand’s Instagram feed on the site.

Instagram feed incorporated in Natural nomad Farms website


The Farm itself has a vintage Airstream trailer on it and we use that as part of the logo and in a fun way as a backdrop to the reviews.

Natural Nomad Farms Reviews page


The Natural Nomads are also committed to creating edible gardens indoors or out. We included a Custom Creations page to highlight some of their gardens and a Living Wall recently installed in a really hip downtown Delray Beach restaurant.

Living Wall Microgreen Gardens by Natural Nomad Farms

Last, but not least, we made sure their fans know what local restaurants feature Natural Nomad Farms produce and where they can find the retail/consumer packaging of the Farm’s produce.

Where to find Natural Nomad Farms produce



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