Part 3 — Increase Profits from Online Orders


Hi this is Chris Smith again from HYPEsites. Over the past 10 years we have helped over 400 companies succeed online. We have recently analyzed hundreds of restaurant websites and interviewed owners, staff and consumers and are pleased to announce a new initiative to work with restaurant owners/managers to help them increase profitability by matching website marketing and functionality with consumer preferences and shopping habits.

Welcome to our third video in our Make More in 2020 series. In this video we will show you how to Increase Profits from Online Orders.

Digital ordering and delivery have grown 300% faster than dine-in traffic since 2014 and online ordering is the fastest growing segment in the restaurant industry.

56% of consumers want to order online from restaurants and 80% would prefer to order directly from you instead of using a third party site.

Going back to Google search results, Google My Business listings and restaurant sites almost all direct online ordering to third party platforms.

Look at this search for Bambini’s Pizza. Google gave the 1st spot to a third party delivery service and the 2nd spot to the restaurant itself. A hurried searcher could easily click the first result (most do) and your profitable take out pizza just had a big slice taken out.

This is costly as the great majority of your takeout traffic wants to order from you but they can only order from a platform. There are three real disadvantages when this happens:

  1. You pay a commission of 12-25%
  2. While looking at your menu the searcher also has a search bar to look for other restaurants
  3. The customer who orders is the platform’s customer and they use the email address to market their services and not your restaurant

This is why you see national chains like Chili’s and Panerra offer easy to use onsite online ordering. You can even order online from supermarket delis like Publix.

Control your third party order and delivery expenses and build loyalty by adding online ordering to your site.

Here is a local mexican italian eatery. All of the information we were looking for is prominently featured on the home page and navigation menu including MENU/ORDER. Notice the promotional discount coupon for first order.

Clicking on the MENU|ORDER link displays a hierarchical and visual menu just like the online order examples we looked at.

It is quick and easy to browse and order - both on a desktop and on a smartphone for your 19 out of 20 mobile customers.

Best of all the customer is interacting with you and your brand - not an online order platform. You still get the benefits but without the cost. The order comes prepaid, no one has to answer the phone to take the order, no one has to collect payment at order pick-up and you keep 100% of the revenue.

Online orders can be received via email or an optional near real-time integration your point of sale system.

You can keep your relationships with the third party sites and pay them for the orders that they generate but STOP sending orders to them. You only hurt your bottom line.

This is Chris Smith from Hypesites. Thanks for watching Increase Profits from Online Orders. In our next video we will address Online Reservations, Gift Cards, Customer Loyalty Programs and Email Automation.

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