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*extremely rapid growth in excess of 30% per year


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*Clients listed include direct clients, agency clients and NDA clients.

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Taking a Local Business National

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When I met animal lover and entrepreneur, Tom, in 2014 he was already making a healthy six-figure income selling custom animal cages online and via word of mouth in his local service area, but he knew there was more to his business. I did too and after developing a highly SEO targeted and visual website for him, Tom has seen his sales grow organically by over 50% per year over the last 5 years.

What we did for Tom was very focused and followed our proven formula to grow any business online:

  • Analyze competitors and keywords
  • Identify target audiences
  • Secure attractive photos
  • Build site with either national or local SEO featuring landing pages for key exotic animal groups with lots of appropriately titled images and content
  • Promoted links to major customers

Tom's site is page 1 Google (position #1 — #4) nationally for all 5 of his key product lines. He has moved to a new location approximately 3 times the size of his old manufacturing facility. He recently turned down an offer to sell his company and has such a backlog, all from organic SEO, that he is not taking new orders for the next 90 days and we do no PPC or social marketing.

Most companies have the ability to realize this kind of growth if they have a regional or national market. Companies that only service a local market or markets should be achieving 25-40% growth per year.

In total, my clients have see their companies' valuations increase by over $250,000,000.