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PROBLEM: The sad truth is that most WordPress website development projects fail at multiple levels in meeting their goals and objectives.

SOLUTION: WEBSPEC, website development project requirements specifications that ensure that your project meets your business's goals and objectives resulting in consistent and fair bids from agencies and freelancers.


HYPEsites knows how digital marketing works. When is one contact form better than another one for collecting leads? How should you show off your products or services? Can you combine multiple businesses in one site, or should they be separate?

We help you plan out the correct business strategy for your site before we touch a line of code.


Customers are Searching Online For You Right Now

Advanced SEO setup includes competitor, location and keyword analysis. HYPEsites sifts through the data to identify the terms to help your site rank higher on organic online searches. These terms are then used in the lead website pages to help Google understand what searches should return your page(s).



The sad truth is that only 10 — 12 companies can appear organically on page 1 of Google for any specific search at any time. The top 3 search results, organic or PPC Ads, receive the lion's share of the clicks. In spite of the best local SEO on your site, in a competitive industry and market it could take a long time, if ever, to get your company to page 1.

Get immediate visibility with PPC Ads. We will create and manage your ads, keywords, landing pages and help you cost-effectively acquire more traffic.

We have created and managed profitable ad campaigns with budgets of up to $80,000 per month.


WordPress Website Support

HYPEsites has worked with WordPress for over 15 years and we are at home on the platform and will help you get the most out of it.

We jump right in to help you with any issues. We've got you covered from broken links, missing images, out-of-date plugins, unreliable hosting platforms to external integrations and adding new functionality including custom post types and code modifications.


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