How Will My Website Measurably Increase my Sales?

lead websites that increase your sales

By Converting Visitors to Customers

Lead Websites With an MBA

Most business web designers concentrate solely on website creation, while HYPEsites prioritizes driving measurable, favorable business growth. Recognizing that a website serves as a tool rather than an end result, we deliver a marketing hub, not just a website. We help you acquire additional customers, increase revenue, and boost profitability

Your Best Sales Channel

If you want a website to that will bring in more sales, then you are talking to the right development partner. HYPEsites' lead generating websites are mobile friendly, visually engaging and built with one goal in mind — to capture new customers with mobile “call now” and “text now” buttons, lead forms and compelling pictures and videos that tell your story.


Standard Features & Components

  1. Fully Responsive and Easy to Read and Navigate on All Mobile Devices
  2. Vibrant Color Scheme to Match Your Existing Brand
  3. Navigation Bar With Integrated Logo and Call to Action Button(s)
  4. SSL Certificate (https://)
  5. Optimized Page Speed
  6. Key Information (Who, What, Where & Why) Above the Fold
  7. Compelling Headline
  8. Clear Value Proposition
  9. Conversion-focused Short Forms for Lead Capture
  10. Call To Action Buttons
  11. Discount, Promo Offer or Subscribe Form
  12. Primary Services Pages
  13. Service Benefits
  14. Trust Signals (licensed & insured)
  15. Reviews Page with Real Reviews
  16. Social Media Icons and Links
  17. Optimized Footer
  18. Agency Framework For Quick Development
  19. Bootstrap CSS Based

Optional Features & Components

  1. Integrate Form Submissions with CRM or Email List
  2. Detailed About or Team Page(s)
  3. Live Chat or Chatbot
  4. Blog Setup Including Custom Templates for Single Post and Archive
  5. Custom Post Types
  6. Zapier Integrations
  7. Yoast SEO Setup Including Sitemap
  8. Custom 404 Page
  9. Setup Google Analytics and Install Tracking Code
  10. Setup Call Tracking with LINE2 or Call Tracking Metrics
  11. Google My Business Setup
  12. MOZ Local Syndication
  13. Bing for Business Setup
  14. Submit Sitemap to Google and Bing
  15. Additional Premium Plugins
  16. Third-Party Software Integrations
  17. IDX Integration
  18. e-Commerce Shop Setup


Our portfolio pages show a representative sampling of the more than 650 sites we have developed for every business type.

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Most WordPress Projects Fail

Unfortunately, most WordPress website development projects fail to achieve their intended business goals and objectives. The root this failure is not the marketing manager, project manager, agency, or freelancer involved in the website's design and development process.

The true underlying issue lies in the lack of a comprehensive and informed project requirements specification from the outset. It's like trying to build a house without a blueprint.

Get Consistent and Equitable Website Development Bids from Agencies and Freelancers

This Upwork job posting for an experienced WordPress Developer is incomplete, as it lacks essential details required for a thorough bid. Key information regarding the company, services provided, website goals, and other relevant specifics is absent.

Without clear goals and requirements, over 60 unrealistic and incomplete bids were submitted. Significant time and energy was wasted by contractors writing generic proposals and the client reviewing them.

At the end of the process, neither party accurately knew what what the client needed or what it would cost.

woefully incomplete upwork job posting

WEBSPEC website development project requirements specification

WEBSPEC involves a Google Meet or Zoom meeting with your company representative(s) leading the website development or redevelopment process. During this session, we will analyze your current website (if available), competitor websites, and any specific requirements you may have to identify your project needs and objectives. Over a 1-2 hour session, we will cover your company's mission, target audience, brand styles, website objectives, and key features.

After gathering insights from you, we will integrate them with our knowledge of effective website design and development. This will result in a detailed document outlining hosting needs, an initial sitemap, suggested theme and plugins, additional elements such as blogs and custom post types (like testimonials, team profiles, portfolios, etc.), forms, external system connections, and our proposed timelines and budget projections.

You will then use this specification in communicating your project requirements to your in-house development team, agency, freelancers or job posting boards including Upwork, Indeed, LinkedIn, etc.

By accurately communicating your project needs in your request you convey to all bidders what you really need for a successful website build tailored to your company. This results in more well-crafted proposals prevent ing misunderstandings, errors in website construction, unmet expectations, and costly revisions.

webspec - a great investment in a successful website

WEBSPEC is Fast, Confidential and a Great  Investment

Depending on your project's complexity, your customized WEBSPEC will be ready within 1-2 days after our meeting, with costs ranging from $375 to $750 based on project size and complexity.

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