Privacy Policy – Terms of Service

Last Updated: December 25, 2019


Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST

Although we are both at our desks during the week, occasionally hours of operation vary. In an effort to maintain a proper work/life balance, we try not to work on weekends and holidays. Under special circumstances we can accommodate your after hour schedule, should the need arise.


After initial contact is made, our common channel to begin your website process is a telephone interview followed by a comprehensive questionnaire. This allows us to provide you with an optimal website/services outline, thus avoiding any confusion in order to develop a smooth and seamless process tailored to your specific needs and goals. The majority of correspondence will be done via email and telephone conversations will be followed up with a short transcript recapping our meeting. If local clients prefer a face-to-face meeting that can be accommodated as well.


The average HYPEsites  project takes 3-5 weeks once we begin the process, however some take as long as 4-6 + weeks depending on how fast you are able to provide us with your valuable content and photographs.  There are exceptions and for an additional charge we can expedite a website with a delivery date of 10 to 14 days from our initial meeting, proved that we receive all materials and information needed in a timely fashion.


Once we are ready to begin your website, you will be sent an invoice for 1/3 of the project total. At the half way point an additional 1/3 of the initial balance will be due. Upon completion and final sign off, in which you approve of your site the remaining balance will be paid in full and your HYPEsites website will then become live.

Payments are accepted through PayPal, Money Order or US drafted bank check. Don't have all your materials ready. Guarantee your spot on our HYPESites queue with a $250 website deposit which will be applied to your final invoice. Deposits are non-refundable.

Please note that your hosting, IDX and other services may be suspended at HYPEsites's discretion should any invoice NOT be paid within 10 days of the due date.


Once a project has been started it is expected that all requests for revisions, feedback and additional content will be provided in a timely fashion,  3-5 business days max.

Failure to provide content and revisions within the stated time frame will result in your website project being placed on HOLD. Projects on hold require a payment of $250 to be scheduled for restart. Projects on hold will not be restarted until the the hold fee has been paid.

Clients who are unable to provide content after the project is restarted will be subject to additional hold and fees.

If you wish to avoid any HOLD fees you can optionally pay the complete balance outstanding on your site and we will finish it in a timely fashion (3-5 business days) once we receive your content/punch list.


Upon receipt of your initial layout, we will provide up to three reasonable revisions during the development process. Any revisions beyond the three may require additional fees and tack on added time to your expected delivery date.

Once your website is completed and signed off, any changes you request that are not a result of an error on our part are subject to a minimum non-negotiable fee of $30+ per change.


We at HYPEsites are not liable for any content, photographs or design elements provided by clients. Please be very sure to have permission before submitting any elements or photography that we use in your website.

If you would like to use an image from a stock photographer or image site, please purchase the file and send it to us when we begin your site. We will inform you of exact sizes you will need to provide us with.

All correspondence between you, the client, and HYPEsites is confidential and may not be shared or forwarded between either party without mutual consent.  

HYPEsites will not sell or share your information under any circumstances!

We will need all access to your domain name registration and any credentials you may have if migrating an existing site.


Due to the nature of our work, refunds will not be issued after any part of the website process has been done.

Should you chose to terminate a project for any reason, you will have an HYPEsites website credit in the amount of any invoices you paid less actual charges incurred that is valid for one calendar year. Deposits are non-refundable, due to HYPEsites dedicating a specific block of time for your project.


Our role in the process is to design and style your website. You are responsible for providing the actual page copy, content and images, unless we have agreed otherwise.

If you would like HYPEsites to provide the content of your pages, please contact us for a quote.


A link to HYPEsites will be placed at the bottom of the page to credit us as the creator of your website. This link must remain as long as you have any elements created by us applied, including the web logo if designed by us.


All designs and coding are property of HYPEsites, including everything on this website.

By submitting your order and deposit, you are acknowledging that you have read, understand and agree to our terms of creating your website.


HypeSites client sites are housed in a WordPress multisite hosted by WP Engine. Clients with other products such as IDX pay $50/month hosting fee + other products. Those who just host are charged $50/month which includes our support with any hosting issues or website downtime and includes access to our premium plugins such as the HYPEsites Page Builder, Theme Builder, Gravity Forms, etc.

Due to the intricacies of WordPress multisite it is not a simple site export to move your site to a new host. We understand that you may wish to do so and that is your right. We will package up your WordPress install and databases and deliver them to you along with instructions for moving your site for a flat fee of $250. Note that if you move your site we will no longer be able to provide hosting support and you may lose some functionality.