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Most WordPress Projects Fail at Multiple Levels

Sad but true. The great majority of WordPress website development projects do not meet their business goals and objectives.

The culprit is not the marketing manager, the project manager, the agency or the freelancer who worked together to design and develop the website. The problem is that the website build was started and completed without adequate and knowlegable project requirements specification.

Its like trying to build a house without a blueprint.

successful WordPress projects depend on thorough specification

Look at this Upwork  Job Posting

This is an actual posting from Upwork for a $1200 fixed price website proposal. It generic to the point of uselessness.

How can anyone make a meaningful bid? There is no information about the company, its products or services, the goals of the website or any other meaningful information to the potential contractor.

There is no mention of the type of site — is this an informational site or an e-commerce site? There is no sitemap or any indication of the site size — is this a 5-7 page site or a 50 page site.

The contractor is asked to ensure the site's functionality, but there is no mention of any functionality. Blog or no Blog? Contact and other forms? Google Analytics integration? On page Search Engine Optimization?

There are already over 50 Proposals on this posting. Because of the lack of requirement specification and background none of the submitted proposals will have any chance of providing a bid that reflects the poster's true requirements. Instead there will be 50+ proposals that focus on the contractor instead of focusing on the job.

actual upwork posting

Affordable and accurate requirements documentation 

Get Consistent and Fair Website Development Bids from Agencies and Freelancers

By accurately communicating your project requirements in your proposal you convey to all bidders what you really need for a successful website build tailored to your company. Stop wasting your time weeding through generic sales pitches that don't address your goals and objectives and start focusing on well-thought out proposals that avoid confusion, website build mistakes, missed expectations and expensive redesigns.

HYPEsites founder Chris Smith has over three decades of IT and business management with thousands of completed projects including award winning commercial software, custom software and more than 700 completed WordPress websites.

WEBSPEC consists of a Google Meet or Zoom session with Chris and your company representative(s) driving the website development/redevelopment. In this meeting your real project needs and objectives will be extracted via examination of your existing website (if you have one), competitor websites and any specific requirements that you have. Throughout a 1-2 hour session we will discuss your company mission, target audience, brand styles and website objectives and essential features.

We will then combine what we have learned from you with our understanding of how a successful website is architected and implemented to deliver a concise, yet comprehensive, document detailing hosting requirements, a preliminary sitemap, recommended theme and plugins, special features like blogs and custom posts types (testimonials, teams, portfolios, etc.), forms, third party integrations and our estimate of what reasonable timeframes and budget expectations should be.

WEBSPEC is Fast, Confidential and a Great  Investment

Depending upon the complexity of your project your customized WEBSPEC will be completed within 1-2 days of our meeting at a total cost of either $500 or $1000.

You will then use this specification in communicating your project requirements to your in-house development team, agency, freelancers or job posting boards including Upwork, Indeed, LinkedIn, etc.

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