How Can I Guarantee First Page Visibility on Google and Bing?

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Google & Bing Ads PPC Management

Only a limited number of companies can rank on the first page of Google search results. The top three results get the most clicks, whether they are organic or paid ads. Achieving a high ranking through local SEO can be challenging in a competitive industry. However, with Google Ads, your products and services can instantly appear on the first page. The top three paid ads receive 41% of all page one clicks

Ad Management by The Numbers

  • Real Time Reporting
  • Multiple Ads per Ad Group with Continous A/B Testing to Increase Click Through Rates
  • Rigorous Search Phrase Analysis Weekly to Look for New Keyword Opportunities and for Negative Keywords to Screen Out Wasted Ad Spend
  • PPC Landing Page Approach to Key Services and Products Allows for Improvements in Page Score Resulting in Lower Cost Per Click

Make the Most of your Advertising Budget

Investing in PPC ad services requires effective campaigns that generate leads and sales. To optimize PPC ad performance, a customized campaign aligned with your company and objectives is essential. We implement a strategic approach to boost your traffic and revenue while lowering your overall cost per click. Regular reporting ensures that you know what is happening with your campaigns.

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