Top Things Every Church Website Must Have

By hypesites | Aug 29, 2019

When people want to find a new church, one of the first places they look is local church websites. They want to explore the churches around them before they ever set foot in one. And when your members want to learn more about something your church is doing, or get more connected, they head to…

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easy wasys to market your business online

Easy Ways to Market your Business Online

By liv0088 | Feb 27, 2017

Is your marketing presence as robust as it should be? Having a great website is extremely important for establishing credibility and growing your business. But is it enough? Often, having the right website is only half the battle. The other half is marketing it in front of the right audiences. Here are some easy ways…

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Wondering What your Website Needs?

By liv0088 | Feb 27, 2017

Are you happy with your current website? Do you think your customers are happy with it? Have you been eager to improve it but don’t know what to do or where to start? Well you’re in luck! Here’s a list of essential features that your website (and business) need to be successful: 1. High quality…

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40 Top Businesses Using WordPress

By liv0088 | Dec 17, 2016

Your Favorite Websites are on WordPress. Why aren’t you? Did you know over 75 million websites are powered by WordPress? That’s right. It’s estimated that 50-60% all websites that use a content management system are built on WordPress. That means over half of the websites that publish content on the web use this powerful web…

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wordpress vs squarespace

WordPress vs Squarespace

By liv0088 | Dec 16, 2016

WordPress vs. Squarespace Which website builder is better? #TeamWordPress all the way. WordPress and Squarespace are two extremely popular website building platforms. WordPress in particular dominates the web design industry. That’s because it allows you to create scalable, powerful, and fully customizable websites. Many well-known companies like CNN, MTV, and the NFL use WordPress to power…

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By hypesites | Dec 15, 2016

West Palm Beach Artist Gets Beautiful E-Commerce Site Tracy Guiteau is a talented West Palm Beach based artist. She is a painter, fashion designer, and photographer whose work is both stunning and playful.  As soon as we found out that she wanted to transform her existing website into something beautiful and fun like her designs,…

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Natural Nomad Farms by HypeSites

Natural Nomad Farms

By hypesites | Oct 18, 2016

“The HypeSites team has completely transformed our website to exactly how we want it. We met with Chris beforehand and discussed what we wanted to accomplish when revamping our website, but also wanted to hear any constructive criticism about our (previous) web design. He was very honest with us and we could tell he was…

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Waterfront Delray Beach Homes

By hypesites | Oct 12, 2016

Our longtime real estate client Nestler Sotheby’s International Realty focuses on high end properties in southern Palm Beach County. HypeSites recently completed a hyperlocal site dedicated exclusively to waterfront homes (niche) for sale in Delray Beach (hyperlocal) for one of the company’s prime service areas. We allow the visitor to self-select their property type of interest: Homes…

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Donate Haiti Missions

Donate Haiti Missions

By hypesites | Oct 10, 2016

As most of you know Hurricane Matthew has been devastating. No country was hit as hard as Haiti where the entire country has been decimated. HypeSites was asked if we could  help two Haitian missions, North Haiti Church of Christ and Church of New Generation of Haiti, by  creating a donation site to link their…

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Grossman’s Shower and Mirror

By hypesites | Oct 2, 2016

Barry Grossman, owner of Grossman’s Shower and Mirror, has a family-run glass and mirror installation business in South Florida. For years, he relied on word of mouth and print advertisements to grow his small business. But realizing the necessity of having a robust web presence to attract new clients, he decided it was time to…

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