Top Businesses Using Wordpress

40 Top Businesses Using WordPress

Your Favorite Websites are on WordPress. Why aren’t you?

Did you know over 75 million websites are powered by WordPress? That’s right. It’s estimated that 50-60% all websites that use a content management system are built on WordPress. That means over half of the websites that publish content on the web use this powerful web design platform. WordPress’s versatility is what makes it so popular with so many businesses and brands.

Here’s a list (in no particular order) of 40 recognizable and companies, brands, and trendsetters that use WordPress to power their websites.

40 Top Businesses Using WordPress

1. Mashable
2. Carnival Cruises
3. UPS
4. Coca Cola
5. Best Buy
6. Sony
7. General Motors
8. MTV
9. The Smithsonian
10. NASA
11.  Beyoncé
12. Jay-Z
13. Mötley Crüe
14. Katy Perry
15. Rolling Stones
16. InStyle
17. CNN
18. Univision
19. The Wall Street Journal
20. Time Magazine
21. Forbes
22. Reuters
23. The New York Times
24. People Magazine
25. Vogue
26. BBC America
27. NFL
28. ESPN
29. LinkedIn
30. TED
31. eBay
32. IBM
33. Facebook Newsroom
34. Google Ventures
35. Chicago Bulls
36. Dallas Mavericks
37. Harvard Business Review
38. Microsoft
39. Flickr
40. FiveThirtyEight

What do you think of our list? Do you know of any other top businesses using WordPress that you’d add to this list? Leave us a comment below.

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