Essential Features every Website Needs

10 Essential Features Every Website Needs

Are you happy with your current website? Do you think your customers are happy with it?

Have you been eager to improve it but don’t know what to do or where to start?

Well you’re in luck! Here’s a list of essential features that your website (and business) need to be successful:

1. High quality images. Images make or break a website. Professional pictures or high caliber stock photos are must. Do you use beautiful, custom images or interesting stock photos on your site?

2. Compelling and informative content. Having the right content is key. You want your potential customers to be able to find answers to their important questions directly on your site. Does your site have an About or FAQs page?

3. Frequent calls-to-action. You want your site visitors to become clients! If you’re hoping to get potential customers to book your service, buy your product, or sign up for your newsletter, then you need to get them to take action. Does your site have call-to-action buttons, popup reminders, or signup forms?

4. User-friendly design and navigation. Confusing and cluttered websites are the worst. Does your website have a streamlined design? Does your menu lead site visitors to the pages and information they’re looking for?

5. Mobile responsive layout. The time has come where you can’t afford to have a website that doesn’t work on mobile devices. Is your site mobile responsive? Does the content on your site adapt to fit any screen?

6. On page SEO. It’s important to the optimize each one of your landing pages so that they have a better chance of ranking prominently in Google. Have you optimized your pages for the right keywords? Do you have a meta descriptions for your content? Do all of your images have alt tags?

7. Contact information. Make sure your website has a comprehensive contact page listing all of the ways new customers can reach you. Are your contact details prominently displayed on your site?

8. Social media links and share buttons. You want people to follow social your social media accounts and share your content with their friends. Don’t forget to have social media links in the header or footer of each page as well as share buttons on your blog or services pages.

9. Videos are the future. Do you have promotional videos embedded on your site? Do have a high bandwidth to support uninterrupted viewing?

10. Easy-to-update platform. Whether you’re adding new and relevant content or sprucing up your images, updating your site often is a must! Are you able to easily make changes to your site? Do you have a platform that’s simple to use?

A beautiful, informative, and functional website will give your business credibility, generate more clients, and improve your customer interactions.

If your website is outdated, lacking the essential elements for success, and not bringing in the kind of traffic you want, now is the time to change.

If you’re ready to give your site a boost, HYPEsites can help! We’re a WordPress website design company located in Delray Beach. We’ll work with you to revamp your site and grow your business.

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