Five Star Restaurant Websites

We Match your restaurant website offerings to what restaurant consumers want

We analyzed hundreds of restaurant websites and interviewed restaurant owners, staff and consumers. We found that most restaurant owners:

  • Don't understand consumer restaurant search
  • Greatly underestimate the impacts of mobile search on restaurant traffic
  • Leave money on the table  by not offering online ordering on their own websites
  • Don't offer online reservations, virtual gift cards, customer loyalty programs and email capture on their own websites

Google, restaurant consumers and third party order, delivery, reservation and review sites combine to tell us what works and doesn't work with restaurant websites. We bake all of these ingredients into our five star restaurant websites.

Our custom websites for restaurants are food and function based, match your brand and styling and are fast and easy to use for both desktop and mobile consumers. Best of all they will increase your traffic and your margins.


Set an appointment for a no-obligation thirty-minute critique of your exisiting restaurant website. If you are getting ready to launch a new restaurant, you'll get some great tips on how to leverage your website to  capture more customers.

(You'll get at least 5  FREE tips to improve yout site)

Our Restaurant Websites DELIVER

HYPEsites knows how digital marketing works when it comes to restaurant consumers. How should you show off your restaurant and food? How do you benefit from the 300% surge in online ordering and still maintain margins? How can you best optimize your site for consumer search? What should your Google My Business listing contain? HYPEsites helps you plan out the correct business strategy for your site before we touch a line of code.

Restaurant Websites by the Numbers

We understand statistics and make sure your website is positioned to capitalize on current and upcoming restaurant consumer trends. There are over a million restaurants in the US and we will make sure that you are one of the more successful ones.

  • Americans spend over 51% of their food budget on restaurants
  • Restaurant searches are the most frequent searches performed by consumers and 90% of all guests research a restaurant online before eating there
  • Restaurants are also the #1 searches by users from smartphones with 19 out of 20 (95%) restaurant searches coming from a mobile device
  • 64% of mobile searchers convert (order or go to restaurant) immediately or within an hour while an additional 26% convert within the day
  • 60% of US consumers order takeout at least once a week
  • 70% of consumers say they’d prefer to order directly from the restaurant instead of using a third-party platform

Custom Restaurant Websites Launched in Just 2 Weeks

We also make sure your site ticks all the development boxes:

  • Fully responsive and compatible with all mobile devices
  • Save thousands by not needing a separate app
  • Optimized for your most lucrative and powerful keywords
  • Built-in online ordering, online reservations, virtual gift cards, loyalty programs and email capture
  • Customized sites built for your brand identity
  • Restaurant websites start at $2500

Have a Taste of Our Demo Restaurant Site

See first hand the functionality and features that we bake into our highly engaging and mobile first restaurant websites. Our custom restaurant sites match your branding and include ALL of the features diners want including readable visual menus, online ordering, online reservations, virtual gift card sales, customer loyalty programs and email automation.